About Us

Fusion Promotional Marketing is a national promotional marketing agency based in San Clemente, California. 

We specialize in creating shopper marketing promotions by facilitating partnerships between studios (theatrical, home entertainment releases, etc.) and promotions with consumer brand partners.

From concept development and branding collaboration through implementation, these cross-promotional programs are executed in national grocery and mass retailers. Delivered through incremental displays and promoted through in-store point of purchase, digital and social consumer advertising, these national shopper-marketing promotions create consumer engagement, while leveraging partnerships for retail exposure to drive sales.

Founded in 2006, Fusion has executed over 400 promotions for major and independent film studios and major national consumer brands.


Our Leader

Karen Hill is CEO of Fusion Promotional Marketing. She is a marketing professional and expert known for her ability to create unique, consumer-driven promotional programs that connect entertainment with consumer brands. Working as a Marketing Specialist at CBS Radio for over nine years, her experience in strategic marketing transitioned into working directly with studios and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to create retail solutions that drive sales.

Our Value

Reaching out to today’s consumer is difficult with all the advertising clutter. Consumer brands are looking for unique ways to capture in-store sales. Shopper marketing programs add spontaneity that result in impulse sales for Entertainment and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands.

We do this by connecting the right consumer product with the right entertainment opportunity. By leveraging the strengths and assets of both partners, we create a win-win-win: For the studio and the brand – units are sold and products are purchased; For the retailer, this increases the basket ring.

We have the resources between studio and brand contacts to identify great partners for specific promotions that leverage the assets of each to create value. We create the promotional idea, work with both sides to facilitate branding approvals and follow up to ensure that the details required from both sides are addressed so that the promotion gets executed at store level. A tall order, but for Fusion Promotional Marketing it’s what we do best.

Our value is simple: our resources, our experience and our ability to get it done!